Recommended DLP Resin Printer Items

Getting a DLP resin printer is a good start. You’ll need a lot of extra things to keep you safe and get your prints from the build plate to the point where they can actually be used. You can look at the DLP resin workflow article HERE to see where the items are used. 

The links here are to Amazon.Com or to other specific manufacturers. They are affiliate links, which means that should you use them to purchase, I will get a kickback from the website seller. This does not change the price to you at all! So no charge to you and help to me! Thanks very much!

Plastic Spatula
It’s important not to use a metal spatula on either the resin tank or the build plate. Many printers come with a small plastic spatula, and that’s good enough. If you didn’t get one, or need a replacement, here are some.

Nitrile Rubber Gloves
These are perfect for handling UV resin and working with models before they’re cured. They have kept my hands perfectly safe, and they’re quite comfortable.

Kitchen Paper Towel
Any paper towel will do. This is here in case you just want to add it to the rest of whatever Amazon order you’ve got going, just so you have extra (you go through a lot of this!)

Isopropyl Alcohol
Most use Isopropyl alcohol to clean 3d prints from resin printers. It’s expensive, and flammable (so be careful with it). But it cleans very well.

Denatured Alcohol
As an alternate to Isopropyl alcohol, many use denatured alcohol. It’s cheaper and seems to clean as well, or almost as well.
Mean Green Cleaner
Many use this as an alternate to any alcohol to clean (as it’s much friendlier to us and the environment. I use it as a “pre” cleaner, and clean resin prints before I then use a wash-and-cure with isopropyl alcohol to finally clean the prints.

Plastic Pickle Jar With Sieve Insert
I use two of these, one for Mean Green and one for tap water. I use them to wash my models. They’re excellent, and the lids are sealed, so no leaks or spills when the lids are on.

Resin Filter Funnel
Many times you have to dump the resin from your printer back into the bottle, so that you can clean the vat, or remove failed prints. This funnel has a built-in filter that makes this process much easier.

Wash and Cure Machine
I started out with home-grown solutions to wash and UV cure my prints. I started using this wash and cure machine and my prints improved dramatically!

Silicon Work Mat (to place printer on)
This is a good mat to place your printer on. It’ll not be damaged by any resin spills or drips, and that’ll save your table below it.

Replacement FEP Sheets
You usually get a few replacement sheets with your printer. If you need more, then these are easy. Watch for the fact that they have protective plastic covers front and back. These covers have to be removed before installing in the resin bath.

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