Recommended FDM Filament Printer Items

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Metal Print Removal Spatulas
To remove prints from your bed, you may need a good spatula. I use the replacement PEI magnetic flexible print bed so I don’t need one. I just slightly flex the removable bed and the parts pop off. 

Isopropyl Alcohol
Many use this to clean DLP resin printed models. It’s also used to clean FDM print surfaces, to remove dirt and oils (like fingerprints) that impede first layer adhesion.

Ender 3 Replacement Teflon Tube and Connectors
I messed up my Bowden tube on my Ender 3 and needed to replace it. I found that the connector was also broken and wouldn’t release from the tube. I ordered this and now have enough tube and connectors to replace it ten times!
Ender 3 Replacement Hot End Insulators
I found that the tape that came with the Ender 3 that wraps around my hot end was ripped and falling off. I removed it and replaced it with this form fit silicon part. It works like a charm!

Ender 3 Replacement Hot Ends (Extruder Nozzles)
I have fouled up a few of these, and although they’re easy to clean out with some heat and a wooden cocktail stick, it’s nice to quickly replace the nozzle and get back to printing. This kit also comes with some cleaning rods and multiple extruder diameters. I only use the 0.4mm extruders at the moment, but it does give me the option to experiment.
Cable Zip Ties
You’ll find these used all over your printer. If you have to snip a few to get at a piece or to replace a part, then zipping them back is a good idea. I used several when I replaced my Bowden tube, which was zip tied to the hot end cable bundle.

Creality Ender 3 Original Ultra Flexible Removable Magnetic 3D Printer Build Surface
This bed replaces the print sticker that comes with the Ender 3. Peal that off and stick down the replacement sheet. The replacement print bed sticks to this magnetic sheet. Although it’s the same material as the original bed, it can be removed from the printer. This means you can take it off after a print and flex it to remove the printed items. You’ll love this ability! I don’t use a spatula any more to remove the prints. I just remove and flex, and the model should just pop off!

Ender 3 PEI Magnetic Flexible Replacement Bed
This bed replaces the print sticker that comes with the Ender 3. Peal that off, and stick down the replacement magnetic sheet. Once that’s down, place the steel sheet print bed replacement down. It’s flatter than the original surface, and it can be removed. It’s very thin, and heats up just as easily as the original. PLA sticks to this surface really well – much better than the original. You do, however, have to wipe down the surface after every print with Isopropyl Alcohol. Worth every penny!
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