Recommended FDM Printer Filament

The links here are to Amazon.Com or to other specific manufacturers. They are affiliate links, which means that should you use them to purchase, I will get a kickback from the website seller. This does not change the price to you at all! So no charge to you and help to me! Thanks very much!

Amazon Basics PLA Filament (Gray) 1 kilogram
This is my go-to filament for just about everything. I use it all the time.

Amazon Basics ABS Filament (Gray) 1 kilogram
I rarely use ABS, but when I do, this is the ABS that I use. Great for durability, but an enclosure for your printer is recommended.

Priline TPU Flexible Filament (Gray) 1 kilogram
For model tires or flexible items like a phone case, I use this filament.

FilaCube PLA+ High Temp Filament (Gray)
Good for models that are going into a vulcanized mold. This material has excellent temperature resistance.

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