Recommended FDM Printer Filament

The links here are to Amazon.Com or to other specific manufacturers. They are affiliate links, which means that should you use them to purchase, I will get a kickback from the website seller. This does not change the price to you at all! Thanks for your help!

Amazon Basics PLA Filament (Gray) 1 kilogram
This is my go-to filament for just about everything. I use it all the time. in a new tab.
Amazon Basics ABS Filament (Gray) 1 kilogram
I rarely use ABS, but when I do, this is the ABS that I use. in a new tab.
Priline TPU Flexible Filament (Gray) 1 kilogram
For model tires or flexible items like a phone case, I use this filament. in a new tab.
FilaCube PLA+ High Temp Filament (Mint Blue)
Good for models that are going into a vulcanized mold. This material has excellent temperature resistance. in a new tab.