Recommended Printers

The links here are to Amazon.Com or to other specific manufacturers. They are affiliate links, which means that should you use them to purchase, I will get a kickback from the website seller. This does not change the price to you at all! Thanks for your help!

AnyCubic Photon DLP Resin 3d Printer
This is the printer that I started with, and still use regularly. It can print a z-height as low as 25 microns for excellent print quality. The print bed is small, but it is perfect for tabletop gaming parts and accessories. in a new tab.
Elegoo Mars 2 DLP Resin 3d Printer
This is the improved offering from Elegoo. It boasts more reliability and a mono screen, meaning that you can get your layer exposure down to 2-3 seconds, saving tons of time. Again, 25 microns z-height for excellent print quality. in a new tab.
Phrozen Sonic Mini 4K Mono DLP Resin 3d Printer
The Mini 4K Mono is a resin DLP 3d printer that has roughly the same size of print area as the other offerings above. What it improves is that the X/Y resolution (which comes from the LCD screen resolution) is 4K rather than 2K on the printers listed above. That, and the screen is a monochrome one, rather than a color one. This reduces heat, so you don’t have to replace it nearly as often. in a new tab.
Creality Ender 3 FDM Filament Printer
Many people start with this as an “entry” level printer. I think it’s great for producing the parts I want for tabletop gaming (like building models). It is simple to operate, but adding a replacement metal print bed will aid you (see FDM Filament Printer ItemsOpens in a new tab.) in a new tab.
Creality CR-10 FDM Filament Printer
For larger prints, this printer is essentially a sized-up Ender 3. It is simple, reliable and upgradable. in a new tab.