Recommended Printers

The links here are to Amazon.Com, or to specific manufacturers. They are affiliate links, which means that should you use them to purchase, I will get a kickback from the website seller. This does not change the price to you at all! Thanks for your help!

AnyCubic Photon DLP Resin 3d Printer
This is the printer that I started with, and still use regularly. It can print a z-height as low as 25 microns for excellent print quality. The print bed is small, but it is perfect for tabletop gaming parts and accessories.

Elegoo Mars DLP Resin 3d Printer
This printer is functionally equivalent to the AnyCubic Photon, but does come with a higher UV output, meaning that it can print a little faster. Again, 25 microns z-height for excellent print quality.

Creality Ender 3X FDM Filament Printer Kit
Many people start with this as an “entry” level printer. I think it’s great for producing the parts I want for tabletop gaming (like building models). It is simple to operate, but adding a replacement metal print bed will aid you (see FDM Filament Printer Accessories)

Creality CR-10 FDM Filament Printer
For larger prints, this printer is essentially a sized-up Ender 3. It is simple, reliable and upgradable.